The Habit Burger Grill

While Taqueria Guadalupana’s torta lengua is my favorite individual sandwich, burgers are my favorite kind of sandwich. People don’t always think of a burger as a sandwich in the same way as, say, a club sandwich, but you can’t deny it. A burger is just stuff between bread.

Burgers have been my go-to choice when I need to make a quick menu decision (at non-Mexican places, where I’d get a torta). My favorite burger will always be whichever one we most recently made at home, but I still love a good burger from anywhere.

My most recent burger adventure was at The Habit Burger Grill, a small chain originally from Santa Barbara. In classic burger parlor fashion, one’s ordering process begins with the choice between a single or double burger. The menu has several pre-set variations, including a teriyaki pineapple burger, and several more optional toppings. Of note is the by-default grilled onions; I recommend getting extra. I ordered the Double Char with bacon, avocado, Swiss cheese, and extra grilled onions. Well formed and cooked patties, quality toppings, and good construction made for a great burger.

Definitely one of the better looking burgers I’ve had. Taken from my Foodspotting profile.

But The Habit doesn’t stop at burgers. Fantastic, hand-made shakes fill out the, in my opinion, classic burger-and-a-shake equation.

I could hardly eat a burger without a nice cold chocolate shake within easy reach.

Drinks are never much to look at, but I could hardly eat a burger without a nice cold chocolate shake within easy reach.



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