Break of Dawn Part II

As previously discussed: birthday brunch, stew for breakfast, etc. and so forth.

Now, here’s everything else. We like to share our food.

Starters: Hawaiian Sausage, Tempura Eggs, Homemade Braised Bacon

Excellent sausage seems to a focal point at Break of Dawn, appearing not just in an à la carte starter but several entrées as well. Hawaiian Sausage is a rich, porky, and spicy (not so much hot as just well spiced) experience. So in other words, my kind of sausage. The herby sauce underneath and crispy coleslaw-like accompaniment beside both go very well, again demonstrating the extensive thought put into everything on the menu.

Tempura Eggs seem more reminiscent of something a ramen place might introduce as a special topping, as a twist on the usual soy sauce egg perhaps, but here it is a wonderful starter. They were perfectly cooked with a crispy crust and still-runny yolks. It’s a simple enough combination, the tempura batter and an egg, but it’s a great pairing.

The Homemade Braised Bacon is house cured, cut very thick, and served with a house-made ketchup. Expertly cooked and finished with a nice crisp on the surfaces and perfectly activated fatty parts.

The Vietnamese coffee and mimosas were also excellent.

Entrées: Kabocha Squash, Green Eggs

The eponymous kabocha is just a single component of the beautifully smooth bisque served with shrimp and chicken egg rolls. For an avid soup lover like my mom, this dish was a perfect breakfast. And who doesn’t like egg rolls?

One could call the Green Eggs a more conventional breakfast dish, but Break of Dawn elevates this dish to a level far beyond any regular ham and eggs. The ham is house-cured, and the green comes from the Thai Basil pesto, which I surprisingly enjoyed as part of the dish. Poached eggs and steamed-then-fried potatoes round out the plate wonderfully.

Deserts: Cinnamon Bun, French Toast Crème Brûlée

I love cinnamon buns. I don’t eat enough of them. Nicely presented with a coffee and almond glaze lending nice nutty notes and aromatics from the coffee with whipped cream melting on top.

I love french toast too. I eat it even less than cinnamon buns though. This french toast is solidly in desert territory, though, with Mexican chocolate sauce lining the bottom of the plate and soy caramel. Of course the french toast itself was great, with the requisite crust and moist middle and all that.

Overall, I loved every presentation, as well as the food itself, of course. So often one sees presentations that are overwrought or trying too hard, but Break of Dawn’s plates are neither of those.



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