TJ’s Woodfire Pizza: Pepperoni Pizza

I could be considered a pretty boring person. I like my ice cream chocolate, my pizza pepperoni, and potatoes beside my meat. What I’m always looking for are places that elevate things that people might call “boring” to a level of quality that transcends novelty and trendiness. TJ’s Woodfire Pizza is such a place. Well, it’s many places, in a way, as it’s a fully mobile trailer, but you know what I mean.

I’m still not over how cool it is that TJ’s Woodfire Pizza has an actual Neapolitan pizza oven in a trailer, along with a full prep area and the rest of the usual trappings of a food truck. The oven cooks pizzas in about 90 seconds, or a little longer if you specify well done and, of course, all pizza assembly is done right there to order. The pepperoni is tender, even after baking at that extreme temperature, and the cheese is always perfectly melted. TJ’s uses Carmelina tomatoes for their sauce, the same tomatoes we use at home, so that part of the pizza is always good.

The dough, though, deserves it own paragraph. Hand prepared and aged to get that wonderful chew and tang, and just slightly charred by baking, the crust is almost the highlight of any pizza one gets from TJ’s! The crust is always crisp enough to support the weight and add textural interest, even on pizzas with more toppings.

I ate a slice during transit.

I ate a slice during transit.



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