Dublin 4: Gastroburger

On the menu, it’s called the Prime Gastroburger or Gastro Prime Burger or something like that. I haven’t actually read the menu since my first of many visits about 6 months ago, but the simple phrase “gastroburger and a pint of Smithwick’s” is all one needs to say.

This burger is, in short, one of my all time favorite burgers. The pairing of this burger and Smithwick’s is also one of my all time burger-and-a-beer pairs. Always perfectly cooked, even when the chef has left the kitchen, with an excellent balance among all the elements. The richness of the meat and cheese is cut by the arugula and pickle, and bacon is always a nice touch. The bun is sturdy, and, in terms of the flavor profile, yields appropriately to what it contains. The skinny fries with truffle oil and parmesan are also always fried and seasoned well. It is available as a lamb burger, though I prefer my lamb in chop form.

I like the presentation too.

I like the presentation, too.


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