Cismontane’s Holy Jim Falls XPA


We needed some beer for the weekend, and I didn’t feel like making the trek out to one of the big drinks stores, so I popped into Cismontane Brewing for a few bottles.

I had been meaning to try Holy Jim Falls for a long time, but the lure of the Citizen is usually to strong to resist. I did of course get a bottle of it, but I had the opportunity to branch out a bit.

This beer is hoppy, crisp, and refreshing, like many XPAs, but the distinguishing characteristic is the distinctive flavor that hits you right when you take a gulp. It took me a while to place the fruity and almost green tasting notes, but I finally realized that it reminds me of nopales, the paddles of our local prickly pear cactus!

Overall a great, refreshing beer.



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