Cismontane’s Mesa and Shralp Session Saison


Well, as of yesterday evening, I have tried every beer Cismontane is offering on tap, and like I said to the guy in line with me, you just can’t miss!

Mesa (left) is a blend of 1/4 Mer Soleil Riesling and 3/4 Cismontane’s Pilsner. I can’t say I had ever thought of this before, but after drinking this one realizes that pale beers and Riesling do actually have a lot in common. The blend makes for a rather fruity experience, with the bitterness and attack of the beer component dulled somewhat. I think Mesa is the most refreshing beer I’ve had from Cismontane.

Shralp Session Saison (right) is a great, down-to-earth beer of the Belgian table style. Crisp, quenching, and easy on the palate, with notes of sweet citrus and mellow spices, this beer is eminently drinkable. I’m no expert on Belgian cuisine, but I could see this beer working with most any food, from bar snacks to a nice pork chop.

Apologies for the blurry pictures. It was a long day and my friends were trying to bust me up as I was taking them.



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