Paris Day 4 (September 4)

Shorter post for this day because I spent a big chunk of time in the Museée d’Orsay, and most of the rest of the day wandering and zig zagging around.

In an unusual turn of events, I had breakfast.

Yay ok moving on.

Yay ok moving on.

This whole idea of putting museums in buildings that are themselves works of art makes for a nearly overwhelming experience. But in an area where new construction isn’t really on the table, one has to make do, I guess.

I won’t bore you all with lame photos of exhibits, but I do want to say a few words about this here desk:


It’s over a hundred years old, yet it looks like it would work for a modern desk user, as in someone with a computer, a monitor or two, etc. I almost wonder what the former user(s) had to fill up all that space, but then again, maybe it was made to be a spacious desk. Either way, all that’s probably just the mark of a good desk.

The proceeding long day of wandering left me almost too tired to get up and get dinner, but with a heroic push, we walked across Place Saint-Sulpice to Brasserie O’neil. I got the same beer because, as I’ve said many times before, I am a boring person. But we were also there to eat, so I got the Flammenkueche Brasseur.

Oignons, lardons, champignons frais, gruyère râpé. My kind of eatin'.

Oignons, lardons, champignons frais, gruyère râpé. The smell of gruyère and onion is a very distinct smell. A wonderful smell, obviously.

Was fantastic, unlike my picture of it. Paired excellently with La Brune. Not much else to say about this hot, cheesy, lardon-y plate of goodness. The no-so-cured lardons gave me my first taste of pork since leaving the États-Unis, a taste I didn’t even realize I was missing, and mushrooms are always nice, of course.

Oh and we were only a party of two in for a quick dinner, so if anyone reading this wants to just fly on over here I’d like to go yet again to try more things.


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