A Day in Little Saigon with Mom

Water is a pretty big deal in our family. We put as much thought and effort into finding a water we like as some people put into buying things like clothes or wine. OC’s various ethnic stores are valuable sources for finding new and exotic waters (usually of the mineral/sparkling variety) for us to try.

Our current favorite, Romania’s Borsec, is a bit of an exceptional case for us. There is but one importer of it in our area, a small supermarket chain called Jon’s, and their only OC location is in Westminster.

It’s a 40+ minute drive for us. We really like this water.

But this was nearly at the end of our list. First on the list was, of course, food.

Brodard Restaurant (9892 Westminster Ave, Garden Grove)

Brodard is widely known for their nem nướng̣, which I have ordered and picked up on many occasions, but today we took the time to get a table in the actual restaurant. In addition to a plate of out usual NN, we tried another type of shrimp spring roll (fantastic, obviously) and classic egg rolls. We were surprised to see the egg rolls come out in a boat shaped dish!

IMG_1249 IMG_1250

Excellent across the board! And, as were paying the bill, we bought some mango slices and salt from a fruit seller who was selling to some Brodard employees.


After this, we meandered to the south and west, stopping at a some old favorites. Au Cœur de Paris for dessert later that night and Tip Top sandwiches for baguettes.

ACdP's mango mousse cake is excellent.

ACdP’s mango mousse cake is excellent.

We were heading for one of the best-named stores I’ve ever shopped in:  Beef Palace (see link for a full post about all that).

For a final coffee stop before heading home, my mom looked up Lynda Sandwich. I ended up trying their excellent shredded chicken bành mì as well. The sauce was almost adamantly peanut-y!


Apparently this place is owned by a pop singer, which would (could?) explain the wall of signed headshots and the old-school Hollywood memorabilia.



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