Slapfish Irvine

College isn’t so bad. If you can compartmentalize and ignore the obscene cost and the bureaucracy and the overall flawed nature of the system it perpetuates, it’s a pretty cool place to hang out.

UCI happens to be across the street (by way of a bridge, as it happens, which is super cool) from UTC, or “University Town Center,” for the literally and/or figuratively uninitiated. Get it? Because frats? Fortunately, UCI isn’t so big on the whole Greek life thing. Presumably due to the same counterculture attitude that led to a freakin ANTEATER being the mascot.

Anyways, across that confounded bridge one finds what is basically a shopping center-sized food court. As one would expect, all the big demographics of Irvine are represented in food.

On the 4th day of classes, I FINALLY made the crossing. Even in the 3 o’clock hour many places had a goodly crowd. Slapfish, for multiple reasons, suggested itself to me.

$20 lunch eaten next to the campus Panda Express and cafeteria. Only in Irvine, right? No but seriously. I should show this post to someone in the Sociology department.

The simplicity of the food would possibly limit what I have to say about it, but the sheer quality offsets that somewhat. The juicy, briny lobster in a coating of sauce of the proper thickness is obviously the star, but the bread held up its side just fine. And special commendation to the fries for being among the best-fried I’ve had.

The only downside is that now I’ll have a hard time continuing my survey of UTC knowing how good Slapfish is.



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