Le Diplomate Double Album

Led Zeppelin did it, so why can’t I? Said every mediocre musician trying to obfuscate his lack of a basic foundation of talent ever.

Also, something something diplomatic solution.

Eggplant Chicken

Basically a hearty quasi-Italian casserole in a sandwich. I would say Mediterranean, but dammit words have meanings! That are routinely appropriated and bastardized and-

Ahem. Regionally specific descriptors (and regionally specific idiomatic usages of those descriptors) aside, quite a good sandwich. I was not expecting such a rich experience, but I’d never knowingly decline one—though I unknowingly request one all the time.

Eggplant’s always a hit with me (they also offer an eggplant-only sandwich), and the chicken did not overly detract from the eggplant-iness. Good sauce and a bit of tomato rounded out the flavor profile nicely. I did have a bit of a George Costanza moment when a lump of feta fell out during eating, but it quickly passed.

Bành Mìs


BBQ pork and special with pâté.

Really good! Well balanced, good bread, all that. These are the only bành mì within walking distance of UCI, so I was very glad that they were good.

Good coffee, too.



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