Early Bird: Real-Deal-Holyfield Steak and Eggs

This here was actually the first time I ordered any sort of steak and eggs. I’ve been to plenty of places where one very well could order such a dish, but this time was the same old story of going to a new place, trying a new thing, etc. I figured Early Bird was a good place to branch out.

And what a first time it was!

I’ll just start off by saying that everything was perfectly cooked. Everything. The ribeye was a beautiful medium rare, the potatoes had a nice pan-fried crisp on them, and the sunny side up eggs were great. The steak coming out at an actual medium rare is quite a feat given that it was so thin. The tomato, asparagus, mushroom, and caramelized onion sauté sort of thing was a great complement and the smoked tomato béarnaise tied the whole plate together, as a sauce should.

Also of note are Early Bird’s single-origin coffees, craft-roasted for Early Bird right in Placentia. During my visit, they were brewing a wonderful El Salvadoran coffee that was just my kind of coffee―pleasantly bitter, with just a hint of chocolate, and nicely aromatic. I ended up having 4 cups, about 4 times my usual coffee consumption in a sitting.

A very well presented dish, on top of everything else.