Angelo’s Drive-In Hamburger

Well, I was quite happy with myself after finding this place on Yelp for me and my friends after my band’s show, but when I told my parents where I was eating, they were all like “Oh yeah we used to eat there years ago.”

That happens to me a lot.

Regardless, a really solid burger! On menu it’s called the “bacon guac cheeseburger,” but really it’s just avocado on there. Which I prefer! The vegetables in a full on guac would prove redundant on a burger, in my opinion.

Blue Moon and Newcastle are about as crafty as the beer list goes, but I can totally live with those. A word of warning, though―a “large” beer here could perhaps be called gauche if it were some beverage other than beer.

IMG_1156 IMG_1157

Good fries and an excellent chocolate shake rounded out the drive-in burger experience.

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