Fish Taco Sauce for My Spoon U Article

Hello Spoon U readers! I couldn’t find a recipe that was quite to my liking, so I thought I’d finally codify the one I use from memory. Enjoy!

Yields about three quarters of a cup.

Half cup mayonnaise

Quarter cup crema. Alternatives include sour cream, yogurt, 3 tablespoons buttermilk, or 1 teaspoon white vinegar if you’re really hard up.

Juice of half a lime. Hold back on this a bit if you’re using buttermilk, and skip entirely if you’re using vinegar.

  1. Start with this, thoroughly whisk together, and adjust for taste and consistency. I prefer a sauce that’s just barely pourable.
  2. Also, instead of simply dispensing this atop your taco, try tossing the shredded cabbage in this. This ensures that every bite has a taste of every part of the taco.

Update – Spoon U

Man. Busy busy.

Oddly enough, I joined a student organization at UCI. I mean, it’s a food writing organization, so it’s not all that odd.

The organization is UCI’s chapter of Spoon University, a food site by/for college students.

Not your old man’s food site, eh?

So most of what little energy I can spare for things other than school and drumming is devoted to that. I’ll be using this blog to post things that don’t fit with Spoon U.

Which is a good amount of what I come up with.

Le Diplomate Double Album

Led Zeppelin did it, so why can’t I? Said every mediocre musician trying to obfuscate his lack of a basic foundation of talent ever.

Also, something something diplomatic solution.

Eggplant Chicken

Basically a hearty quasi-Italian casserole in a sandwich. I would say Mediterranean, but dammit words have meanings! That are routinely appropriated and bastardized and-

Ahem. Regionally specific descriptors (and regionally specific idiomatic usages of those descriptors) aside, quite a good sandwich. I was not expecting such a rich experience, but I’d never knowingly decline one—though I unknowingly request one all the time.

Eggplant’s always a hit with me (they also offer an eggplant-only sandwich), and the chicken did not overly detract from the eggplant-iness. Good sauce and a bit of tomato rounded out the flavor profile nicely. I did have a bit of a George Costanza moment when a lump of feta fell out during eating, but it quickly passed.

Bành Mìs


BBQ pork and special with pâté.

Really good! Well balanced, good bread, all that. These are the only bành mì within walking distance of UCI, so I was very glad that they were good.

Good coffee, too.