Beef Tongue Survey

My parents are the kind of people who, when they find something they enjoy, like to research it and get a comprehensive picture of the thing or things in question, be it food, music, a TV show, or anything, really.

Making a survey, we call it, and they made sure to pass this tendency down to me. We’ve done a sangak survey, multiple farmers’ market surveys, a long term macaron survey, and my mom is, in a way, always doing a thrift store survey. Our surveys provide very useful information for daily life, or in the case of a pop culture-centric survey, much enjoyment and cultural enrichment.

I’ve been working on my own survey of beef tongue in Orange County. Given the ethnic diversity of our food offerings, and the prevalence of tongue in cuisines the world over, I’m having no difficulty finding data.

I will start posting my findings today, roughly grouped by cuisine and method of preparation. Enjoy!