4th Street Market 1 of 2

This place had been on my list since its opening, and Sam, an old friend, finally becoming available for an outing provided the ideal opportunity to visit.

After a quick walk around the logically arrayed restaurants, PFC’s large trays of fried chicken and Wagyu Chuck’s burgers jumped out at us. I got the burger, and Sam the chicken. Service was (pleasantly) surprisingly quick! We barely had time to try our beers. Or beer, rather. We both got Ritual Brewing’s Wits End.

Sam’s first reaction upon trying the burger was “Oh, that’s just not fair.” I agreed! The balance of components in the double cheeseburger is bang on. Shredded lettuce, well formed and cooked patties, and thin buns make for a soft but hearty burger experience. The patties themselves were by far the most prominently rich burger patties I’ve ever had.


Even the box reminds one of a certain Socal burger chain…

While the baked potato “fries” are pretty far removed from what I’d call “fries,” they tasted great. I’ll have to try the loaded fries option on another visit.

Really, the only thing I wanted was a nice chocolate shake, but there’s beer available, and the house cola is quite enjoyable for those teetotaler types.

Photo credit goes to my friend.

Photo credit goes to my friend.

One of the main things that drew me to the fried chicken was its appearance. It seemed to be quite dark, but I could tell just by looking that it wasn’t from overcooking. It was, in fact, from an excellent seasoning mixture applied to it. And, as one can see in the picture, the color is noticeably red in the normal light of the eating area. It’s mostly cayenne/paprika/other red powder spice in the nose, but on the tongue it balances sweet and spicy. A wonderful complement to perfectly fried chicken.

Their dipping sauce is also great, but almost superfluous for me.

Honorable mention to the charred corn salad as well! Good corn, lettuce, tortilla chip pieces atop, and quite a generous portion.

And since I had band practice the next night, I went again!


Burntzilla Brick and Mortar Location—Irvine

Week two of voluntary unemployment:  accompanied my mom to a small event at Burntzilla’s newish brick and mortar location in Irvine.

Reasonable prices and excellent food (especially in the fried department)! Pretty much everything except the King’s Hawaiian rolls is house-made here, but you’d almost have to ask if you didn’t happen to notice the short bio to the right of the menu. Speaking of the King’s Hawaiian, it seemed to me that every dish we tried was, in fact, made to use the flavor of the rolls as an integral part. Even the off-menu bread pudding was unexpectedly not overly sweet.


PB & J, fried chicken, and cheeseburger.

PB & J – peanut butter (peanuts, crushed pretzel, sugar), blueberry jam, and a bit of banana. I think this was the first PB & J I’ve had outside of home. I tend to actively avoid ordering such things in restaurants, but I had a feeling about this place.

Fried chicken – Perfectly fried chicken! Totally crisp outside and juicy inside. Nice gravy and garlic mashed potatoes too. I had to mention that I had that same idea when I was a kid, but I never developed it beyond the mashed potatoes on leftover bread phase.

Cheeseburger – I can only say I wish this was a full size burger! Everything was spot-on. The avocado aioli came through really well, too. Better than most other aiolis I’ve had on burgers.


Spicy Chili and Yaki Dog(zilla)s.

Spicy chili – Burntzilla was proud to really that they’re just coming off a win at the Tustin Chili Cook-Off! Besides excellent ingredients and a solid recipe, they said that the secret to their success was that it was fresh cooked. For those who don’t know from chili cook-offs, most contestants usually prepare chilis in advance and reheat them for tasting, which obviously does no favors for the flavor of any food. Overall a great dog!

Yaki – Again the starch upon starch theme! Yakisoba (good in its own right) on a high quality hot dog. Not much else that needs to be said about that.


As aforementioned, the off-menu bread pudding was a nice bookend to our visit.

Though not expansive, the carefully curated menu offers anything and everything one could want for a great, quick lunch.

The sweet tea with strawberry purée would be good with most anything else one orders, and the $9 Golden Combo is a good deal.

14413 Culver Dr. Irvine, CA