Beef Palace

Or perhaps I should say BEEF PALACE.

Seriously. This is one of my favorite store names ever.

And the meat is at least as good as the name!

Great service, great meat, and great prices. This is one of the few pre-hipster butcher revival shops in OC. It’s a small store, physically, but the there’s not much else other than meat in it. After taking a good chunk of time surveying the selection, the ribeye jumped out at me. Specifically, the steaks from the smaller end of the muscle that lacked the fat eye. As bon vivant as am (or consider myself to be), I actually prefer that. The steak itself still has all the richness of an excellent ribeye, but it makes a better presentation when served whole on a plate.

I cooked them simply and quickly―salt and pepper a couple of hours ahead, super hot pan, and butter melted atop during resting.


Served with broccoli and a baguette trencher.


And, if I do say so myself, near-perfect cooking on my part.