Tacos Ensenada: Costillas de Puerco

We had other eating plans for later in the day, so I opted for something smaller than my usual wet burrito lengua. Their menu is rather expansive, so I just chose the special from a sign on the counter: Costillas de Puerco en Salsa Quemada (pork ribs in salsa quemada).

Salsa quemada isn’t exactly standardized, but the basic idea is that at least the tomatoes and chiles are smoked. Tacos Ensenada’s salsa quemada is indeed nicely smoky, but it also has a great fruity spice from whatever various chiles Tacos Ensenada uses, and he dish overall is hearty and pork-y. Salsa quemada is also available from their salsa bar, but one doesn’t get the benefit of the costillas and all the goodness they bring to the table. It comes with rice, beans, and tortillas, all of which are always good.

It's a good value for $7.95, too.

It’s a good value for $7.95, too.